• All That Glitters Is Not Gold

    By mediating on the intersection between capitalism and conservation, All That Glitters Is Not Gold attempts to examine Man’s dialectic relationship with Nature. Weaving in elements of photography, video and performative art, the artwork provokes the viewer to ponder Man’s existence and co-dependence with the natural world. Gold, a symbol of material wealth and industrial progress, takes on a shade of ambiguity here by doubling up as ochre, the earthy colour of nature. All That Glitters Is Not Gold is currently exhibiting at SAM @ 8Q as part of Noise Singapore's The Apprenticeship Programme, till 7 September 2014. The performance video can be viewed online at https://vimeo.com/103774701.  
  • Dual

    Fraught with tension and drama, DUAL is a photographic imagination of a standoff between man and nature – a culmination of centuries of worldly struggle between both entities. While earth appears to be the sacrificial lamb in man’s relentless drive towards development, there is no clear sign of who is gaining the upper hand in this uneasy conflict. Most evident, is perhaps man’s dual role as an aggravator and savior of our ailing environment. The work also stems from a personal struggle in striking a balance between an urban lifestyle and environmental conservation. Can photography help reconcile this standoff without our planet having to die? What kind of world do we want to live in? 2013
  • Empty album

  • Once Upon A Time

    Once Upon A Time enlivens the traces of dreams and bouts of nostalgia from my childhood. A spade of memories collected years ago but still fresh in my mind. As I attempt to revitalize these memories, the photographs depict visual scenes that I have tattooed across my mind at the last moments as the pickup vehicle slowly departed away from my home; the sight of my stash of toys, our little house and the memories that linger, fading slowly in the distance. These photographs were taken at a rural area in Malaysia to manifest a close depiction of my past; of how I remembered, of how I felt, of stories of once was. As I hold on to these fragments of memory, the sense of great loss blankets me. 2011
  • SG

    Contemporary Singapore is facing challenges not only environmentally and economically, but more importantly, culturally. Guoyao painstakingly examines social and cultural issues affecting contemporary Singapore through the prism of his life in the country. His reductive mixed-media work uses both its material and its iconography, for example grains of rice and the Singapore flag, to create a matrix of complex signification. Through photography, his unique approach expresses the hidden condition in the relationship between the growing state and the individuals within it. 2011